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TATA Meet & Greet with OU VC Sri.Prof.Ramachandram

Telangana American Telugu Association (T.A.T.A.) Charlotte has organized Meet & Greet and family dinner with Telangana pride Osmania University Vice Chancellor Sri.Prof.Ramachandram Garu in Charlotte, NC. This event was held under the leadership of T.A.T.A. Charlotte Board of Director Naveen Reddy Mallipeddi, Regional Vice President Srikanth Reddy Gali in coordination with Narsimha Reddy Donthireddy(LN) and with local Telangana Association CTA.

Vice Chancellor Sri.Prof.Ramachandram Garu in USA tour on the occasion of Osmania University Centenary Celebrations. OU has successfully completed 100 years and reached a milestone. In this meet Prof. Ramachandram garu has discussed various initiatives which has been taken up by the university out of which University Alumni, skill development center, Entrepreneur incubator are some of the outstanding projects. Sri.Prof.Ramachandram Garu has discussed how this Alumni will help connected 10+ millions of the students who have graduated from the Osmania University and settled in all over the world. They are in the process of creating a platform to connect them and render their services to Osmania University students to keep up the Glory of Proud OU. This platform can be utilized to help university in many ways such as skill development, Idea sharing, providing guidance to existing students and also financial aid.

VC has proudly announced OU ranked number ONE in state budget allocations and FIVE in National universities. OU has recently signed up an MOU with many World Universities including recent signs with Missouri University, St.Louis, USA.
In spite of very short notice approximately 80 Charlotte families have showed up to meet our VC. Many participants shared their memories with the university. The session was interactive where lot of ideas were exchanged between Prof. Ramachandram garu and participants. Prof. Limbadhri appreciated the VC vision and NRIs support to maintain the glory of Osmania. Charlotte Telangana Association team interaction amazed the crowd with their innovative ideas to take Initiatives at OU campus.

VC garu thanked T.A.T.A. Advisory chair Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy, President Smt. Jhansi Reddy, President elect Mahender Musuku, BOD Naveen Mallipeddi, RVP Sreekanth Gail and Organizing team for the Meet & Greet. He specially thanked Charlotte Telangana Association for their interest develop university.
Many active Alumni participated in this event including Shivram (CTA president), Srinivas Marpadaga, Anjappa, Srikanth Bodha, Sampath Kasireddy, Ramana Edulakanti, Madhukarreddy Vennapureddy and Anand Bade.
T.A.T.A. Charlotte Regional coordinators Raghu Apuri, Sheriff Mohammed,Abhilash Reddy, Ravi Reddy, Revanth Reddy, Bushi Reddy and Sumanth Reddy have made all the required arrangements and coordinated the event successfully. After the meet and greet all the participants were served with delicious dinner from Madras cafe and Persis Biryani Indian Grill.